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TOPIC atoz
Vitamin D 25
vitamin D 6
Radio addresses, debates, etc 5
United States 5
Vitamin D in human nutrition 5
health 5
Home economics 4
vitamin d 4
Osteoporosis 3
Vitamin D Deficiency 3
sunlight 3
15 year old girl raped and set on fire in India 2
@mikemcgintyface on twitter 2
A certain segment cries racism whenever things don't go their way 2
Achieve based on merit and ability 2
All encompassing conversation 2
All white people are not the devil 2
Andy Kaufman was a genius 2
Anthony Cumia's troubles continue 2
Anthony catfished by a 40 year old man claiming to be a 14 year old girl allegedly 2
Anthony defended her on redditt 2
Anthony needs some help 2
Anthony's transgendered friend verbally attacked by the redditt fucks 2
As a child I really enjoyed McDonald's 2
Asking flash if he will climb on board and making it happen 2
Asking him if he wants to bark with me 2
Astronauts 2
Ben just left 2
Ben talks on the phone a lot 2
Benny the bread man is roaming around the house 2
Black lives matter group beats marine 2
Black on white crime 2
Black? 2
Bones 2
Bring back Mikel 2
Bubba falsifying the Arbitron numbers 2
Bubba sucks 2
Bubba the love sponge 2
Bubba was the cuckold clean-up crew 2
Bubba's challenged Opie to a fight 2
Calcium 2
Calories 2
Children Nutrition 2
Chris Benoit's music starts 2
Cutting the show short pisses me the fuck off 2
Dairy 2
Daylight savings time THIS Sunday 2
Did ever finish what I was saying about Vice? 2
Disparity in reporting of hate crimes 2
Do you really think these people are civil rights activists? There ARE people in the black lives matter movement that are civil rights activists 2
Do you want people to watch you fuck? 2
Does Hulk's cock have the fake tan look like the rest of him? 2
False cries of racism 2
Feet sniffer 2
Femicide in Mexico 2
Fight the power! 2
Flash live on periscope again 2
Fuck February 2
Fuck me for not recording the video 2
Fuck you seasonal affective disorder 2
Funny lines in story 2
Gambino? 2
Generalizations 2
Giovanni Gambino? 2
Hair shaved on the sides and the back 2
Han Solo and Chewbacca origin story movie is coming 2
He beat his girlfriend because he was not sure if the baby was his 2
He didn't say that on the stand 2
He doesn't want black guys having sex with his daughter 2
He is on the phone 2
He said he did not 2
He said it's nice and he wants to go outside instead of sitting in the house and listening to this lunatic 2
He said they were trying to engage him in a racial discussion and he ignored him 2
He wore a Hulkster bib while he was cleaning up Hulk's seed 2
High fiving during threesome 2
His pimp shtick 2
Hogan drawing a distinction between himself and his wrestling character 2
Hogan has a big penis Terry Bollea does not 2
Hogan having sex with Bubba's wife 2
Hogan living his gimmick 2
Hogan showed his ass on his tv show 2
Hogan speaking in the third and fourth person? 2
Hogan's racial comments on the sex tape 2
Hogan's sex tape 2
Hulk Hogan lied about his penis size 2
Hypocritical for Anthony to threaten the redditt users 2
I am keeping my head held down 2
I am more of a texter 2
I am not a tattoo guy 2
I am not big on talking on the phone at all 2
I am not letting any of this shit bring me down 2
I applaud Vice for getting these stories out there 2
I assume Bubba wants to have sex with Hogan 2
I believe the Marine 2
I could be in a Bee Gee's cover band 2
I cursed after about a minute and a half 2
I do understand it though 2
I don't generally like tattoo's on women 2
I don't have the house to myself today 2
I don't know why she would want to be with a guy with a blue checker board on his face to begin with 2
I don't think so 2
I don't want to look at Mickey Mouse whilst fucking 2
I have to leave soon 2
I haven't been keeping up with appointments 2
I just banged my fucking knee 2
I just took a picture of myself 2
I make mistakes on occasion myself 2
I may eat for my entire next show 2
I may need a hair cut 2
I posted the periscope video to facebook 2
I settle on Nine inch nails 2
I shoot off at the mouth 2
I should get Bubba on the show and we can talk about Hulk's cock for the entire show 2
I should replace the N word to reenact this situation 2
I sing Four non blondes SPOT ON 2
I talked on the phone often when I was a child 2
I think i made a mistake listening to an old show trying to get a break bit 2
I want interaction on periscope as well 2
I want this to be an open and honest forum 2
I was doing the let's see thing from the beginning 2
I was in a good mood 2
I wasn't recording the video 2
I will do that story after a quick break 2
I will say folks instead 2
I wish archive would update in real time 2
I wonder what ethnicity he is? 2
I would assume Han Solo will be recast 2
I'm a fucking asshole 2
I'm a reactionary guy 2
I'm adding the dudes and brothers 2
I'm back! 2
I'm going to say fuck a lot 2
I'm going to take my vitamins 2
I'm not on snapchat 2
I'm siding with Hulk 2
I'm starting to get a headache 2
I'm sure Bubba has that on a loop at his house 2
I'm taking another break 2
I'm taking some selfies 2
If Hulk has ED does he have to Hulk his cock back up? 2
If I'm wrong with my take on this I'll admit that shit 2
If all the most qualified actors are white then it is what it is 2
If he keeps a cock ring on too long does his cock become NWO black and white Hollywood cock? 2
If that is true then black lives matter SHOULD be considered a hate group 2
If you don't like the yelling listen to the early shows 2
If you like my wings hit me up 2
Inside humor for a few people 2
Insulting the ad 2
Interviews Hogan gave talking about sex 2
Irish? 2
It can be a turn off 2
It is not right when racism occurs on either side 2
It is only small segments of particular races that play the race card 2
It matters if he was part of the black lives matter group or not 2
It still thinks I'm live 2
It's a politically motivated power struggle 2
It's always a fast food place 2
It's not 1957 anymore 2
It's not racism 2
It's racketeering 2
J.J. Abrams has a long term plan 2
Japanese? 2
Jews have been attacked by several black leaders and entertainers since then 2
Jews were big supporters of the civil rights movement 2
Judge based on content of character 2
Kanye needs to stay off twitter 2
Kat Williams arrested 2
Kim Kardashain's mean tweets 2
Let's see 2
Live in harmony 2
Live on periscope 2
Look it up yourself 2
Looking for a song on youtube 2
Looking through show 36 2
Man with multiple face tattoos beats his pregnant girlfriend 2
Maybe at some point 2
Maybe she's a rapper 2
McGinty podcast 2
Mikel 2
Mikel doing a full show himself 2
Minerals 2
More Bee Gee style singing 2
My head is spinning 2
My history with the Star wars films 2
My normal routine 2
N----- 2
NASA Connect 2
No Nick on periscope 2
No option to put tags on youtube videos when uploading from my phone anymore 2
No! 2
Nosy bitch 2
Now she has no parents 2
Now? 2
Nutrients 2
Once I get some distance I realize I should think things out better 2
People get crazy with emotions in relationships 2
Periscope ends 2
up-solid down-solid